Call me Crazy

Hi, guys!

I hope you are having an excellent Sunday. I know that tomorrow isn’t that of a great day for most of you…having to wake up in the morning..going to work… Oh, well, at least we must take advantage of the last hours of this beautiful day. I’ll give you something to totally distract your focus, I’m talking about a crazy “non-conformiste” look for next Friday or Saturday night? How about it? Would you be caught wearing this amazing bandage dress from Celebindress? I dare you!

To tell you the truth, I was listening to this song today that made me think it would suit this outfit so well:

What I wore:

–Celebindress bandage one side of paneling with reviling cut-offs dress ( find it here)

– Zara shoes

– Zara clutch

I bet I can guess the question on everyone’s mind, and the answer is yes, I was wearing C-string panties. They are awesome and a must for this type of dresses. 🙂

Well, that being said, I’ll leave you free to leave comment with your opinion on this look.