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C&A – the new denim collection

Hi guys,

So, as you all know ( or should know if you’re following me on Instagram), last night I’ve attended the C&A event at Rue Neuve. It’s quite fun to be in a store after hours. You feel like in the movies where people get trapped in malls after closing hours. 🙂

Nonetheless, I totally love the new C&A jeans collection. Very hip, very stylish and most importantly – for all ages. There to present the collection was the famous stylist Lien Degol, so I was super happy to meet her and learn a little bit about jeans in generally and how the modern techniques are applied to the new collection. 

The strong point of the new jeans collection – softness – you don’t have that harsh fabric, but a soft and comfortable one to feel nice when wearing them. The only thing I would have like to see is some ripped design jeans as well. Besides that, the current designs work with everything, nice colours, nice lines. You have the boyfriend jeans, the low waist, the slim jeans, etc. So definitely a wide variety from where to choose. 

So, thank you for the invitation C&A, and hope that the modern breeze doesn’t stop here and we’ll have more events and of course, more hip clothing !




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