C&A – Spring/Summer 2020 collection

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I’m so happy that I finally got the chance to put together this article on the new SS20 collection from C&A that we saw in premiere in Warsaw in mid-November, just in time for my birthday. Call it a pre-bday gift if you may ! 🙂


I was pleasantly surprised to see once more C&A presenting another wonderful collection, even more beautiful than the ones before, making yet again a big step in the fashion industry and establishing itself as a sustainable, yet very in-trend brand, with a concern for quality pieces. The prices remain still affordable of course, but the evolution is beyond words. I had the pleasure of seing this brand grow and flourish with each passing year; it has transformed from the classic, somehow dull brand that I grew up with and knew 15 years ago to this amazing brand that brings each year more and more fashionable collections.

The opening looks were more youthful ( and that is a plus, of course), with a tendency for  punk/goth style, but always in a modern vibe.


It’s been awhile since I saw washed out black denim jackets, and I really liked how the outfits were styled so everything looked fresh, modern and young. I would probably manage to pull off a look like that 🙂 . Here below you can see my favorite outfit from the first part of their collection.


And now let’s get down to dresses ! Yup, there were so many AMAZING dresses showcased that evening, my eyes were popping in every direction and unfortunately I don’t think I was able to capture all the dresses that I liked as I had to film too, but still I have some wonderful ones to show you.

The holiday selection-2

We can observe a tendency for patterned dresses, with different designs, feminine and chic. The victorian inspired sleeve and ruffles are still very IN next season. C&A did a mix of all these feminine trends and did such a wonderful job in creating this pieces for the coming season.


If you are a western trend lover, then this is the dress for you ! I liked so much the whole vibe of this outfit, especially the how they paired it with the shoes – so cool !

The holiday selection-5

I would say that I had a top 3 from the dresses that I saw, number 3 being the western inspired one, then there was this amazing white dress that unfortunately I didn’t capture on camera and my very favorite was the flower print one, the one that you can see in the middle from this last selection. It’s such a gorgeous dress and I could already saw myself wearing it during my travels or in the city ! Definitely a must-have !

Speaking of travels, C&A has also a holiday collection, ready for summer !

The holiday selection

Swimming suits, straw hats and fun pieces for SS20 ! That is how I would describe the new holiday collection.

The holiday selection-3

The catwalk finished with a bang ! Bright colored dresses and … SUITS ! I am such a sucker for suits and I must say I have so many, but the ones that I saw at C&A left me speechless .


Because I was filming once again, I didn’t capture this SUPERBE white suit that I absolutely have fallen in love with – instead you can feast your eyes on the yellow one – so fabulous ! For me, this would open Spring in total force. Of course, if you have a ladylike style, there are yet again some flattering dresses to choose from.

During 2020, we will discover together C&A’s dedication for sustainable fashion. Their goal in the coming year is to make sustainable fashion the new normal, that meaning having sustainable products, making a positive impact on the environment by creating a sustainable supply chain from farmer to customer ( so clothing made with fewer, safer chemicals, renewable energy and clean water, in safe working conditions, with the purpose of creating a circular fashion cycle ). I’m very happy to be a part of the change and to speak more about this in 2020.

Thank you so much for taking the time to check out the new article and I’ll be back with more very soon ! xo