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Hi, sweeties!

Now I know that I’ve promised a travel post once a week, but as you know,on Sunday I wasn’t feeling that good so I didn’t post anything at all. 

Today’s travel reveals Budapest, city and capital of Hungary, situated on both parts of Danube, a place full of history and with amazing architecture, where new meets old. Actually, you can call it a reborn city.

The only thing that I regret from my short trip to Budapest is that I wasn’t able to stay longer than a night. I was on my way back to Brussels, when I decided to spend the night in this remarkable city, so I checked in at Cotton House hotel, which is a very unique place to stay. Why? Because you feel like going back in time…say the ’20 most likely.

– pics from Cotton House Hotel

Also, here are some shoots from around the city, done while leaving

I have so many things to do today, but I’m so glad that I was able to share with you these wonderful memories of my trip to Budapest. 🙂

I am now nostalgic, but hope to part soon in another wonderful adventure ^^

Stay tuned and do follow me social so you have the most recent updates ^^




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