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Bow and butterflies

Hello again, sweeties ! 😀

Oh, it’s beginning to be a nasty habit this whole story with posting two times a day. What do you think? Do you like it? 🙂

Well, in another fashionable order, I’m here to bring you another outfit proposition for those of you who love shorter dresses. Enough with the gowns and maxi dresses, right? ^^

My beautiful dress is from Wholesale Buying and it’s that kind of stylish dress you’d wear on a date for instance. I believe it matches so well my cute shoes from Dresslink. In my opinion, the perfect combo ❤

I’ll let you judge, as always… 🙂

What I wore:

– Wholesale Buying dress ( find it here)

– Dresslink sandals ( find them here)

– Alexander McQueen clutch

So, how do you feel about the look? 

The sandals are an imitation of Charlotte Olympia’s butterfly shoes. I took a size up, being afraid that they will arrive a bit small, but they are true to size, so I know that my feet are kinda hanging out lol. Sorry about that. But that way you guys can totally know to take your true size ! 😀

Thank you for visiting the blog ❤




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