Blond hair, do care !

Hi everyone,

And how are you this marvellous morning ? Even though the rainy weather has returned to Belgium ( and it's here to stay for the next couple of week apparently), I'm keeping a positive attitude and trying to be full of energy every day to overcome any obstacles that I'll meet along the day ( and trust me, there are quite a lot here).

Obviously, I need to do all that while looking impeccable, my hair being one of the things that I need to take care of the most. It's not easy having dyed blond hair... and during the confinement I didn't went to the hair salon, so I really started having a home ritual so my beautiful goldilocks will still have a healthy look regardless of not going to a professional.

My advice - energize - repair - protect

I did a little selection of products that I used ( and using actually), and to lead you through my ritual for blond hair.

I found all these wonderful products at Notino ! :)