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Blond hair, do care !

Hi everyone,

And how are you this marvellous morning ? Even though the rainy weather has returned to Belgium ( and it's here to stay for the next couple of week apparently), I'm keeping a positive attitude and trying to be full of energy every day to overcome any obstacles that I'll meet along the day ( and trust me, there are quite a lot here).

Obviously, I need to do all that while looking impeccable, my hair being one of the things that I need to take care of the most. It's not easy having dyed blond hair... and during the confinement I didn't went to the hair salon, so I really started having a home ritual so my beautiful goldilocks will still have a healthy look regardless of not going to a professional.

My advice - energize - repair - protect

I did a little selection of products that I used ( and using actually), and to lead you through my ritual for blond hair.

I found all these wonderful products at Notino ! :)



First off, what I like to do is energise my scalp, removing also all the hairstyling products remains that shampoos cannot eliminate. For this, I use a scalp scrub !

My favorites are from Kérastase !

It cleanses hair up to 22% more effectively than a conventional shampoo, it effectively removes excess sebum, dandruff, dirt and styling products ( like I previously said), it

increases your hair volume by up to 59.7%.

The exfoliating massage stimulates skin cell renewal and soothes it,

it promotes scalp exfoliation and lets the scalp breathe freely.


Taking care of blond hair is no easy job, besides having the right products to care for your hair and scalp, you also need one that makes sure your hair colour stays nice, without looking like a chicken ( as I like to say) :).

So for platinum blond for instance, you'll need those yellow effects narrowed down.

I have discovered this amazing brand, Kevin Murphy, quite recently, but I fell in love with it instantly. Kevin Murphy Blonde Angel Wash shampoo effectively cleanses the scalp, it washes the hair perfectly and restores them to their natural beauty, while prolonging the hair colour. It also doesn't contain any sulphates ! This is very important when you pick a shampoo for your hair- make sure that it doesn't contain sulphates because these will actually make your hair colour go away faster !


And speaking about shampoos that don't have any sulphates, OLAPLEX is also from that division :) . This is the shampoo that I'm using now on a weekly basis ( I usually wash my hair once per week so I can let it produce its own natural keratin). So I'll use the Kevin Murphy Blonde Angel Wash shampoo once every two weeks to take away the yellow tone, but otherwise, this is the pack that I use: N. 6 Bond Smoother regenerating effect hair cream + N. 5 Bond Maintenance fortifying conditioner for hydration and shine + N. 4 Bond Maintenance renovating shampoo for all hair types. It does wonders for your hair ! Ever since I started using OLAPLEX, I can honestly say that I stopped using other brands. :)

This is again, my personal ritual that I do for my hair !

I hope you have enjoyed discovering these products (if you didn't know them already).

Thank you for stopping by and I can't wait to be back with more awesome things.


Disclaimer: article sponsored by Notino

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