Black swan. 2015

Hello, darlings! I have arrived safe and sound from Thailand yesterday morning ( thank God). The trip was extraordinary and I know that I did a short post some days ago, but I’ll be sure to write everything in detail soon within an article. 🙂 It was so nice and sunny outside today that I couldn’t help myself from going for a walk in the city that I’ve missed so much these 2 weeks. No matter where I go, Brussels keep drawing me back and it’s so strange cause it’s not my home town or even m country, but I guess this is the only place that it really felt like home for me… It’s pretty cold here, but not very exaggerated, so I put on this wonderful skirt from She Inside that reminded me of the movie Black Swan, so I thought I’d do a “theme outfit”, as I like to call it…( btw the skirt I see is on sale now, so you better check it out! ^^)


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