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Black rose

Hi, guys!

Yes, I am super ashamed that it’s been like forever since I’ve last updated the blog, but seeing that this time my little vacation here in Romania was actually little, I didn’t had much time to offer to my blog.

But not to worry, tomorrow I’m departing for Brussels and next week everything will be just like before. 🙂

These are the last weeks of August and of this sunny summer and well, I know that grumpy rainy Brussels awaits me so I wanted to do my last look for this summer. Like literally. I had for quite awhile this beautiful dress from River Island that I wanted to wear and today was the day! It kinda reminds me of prints from Dolce& Gabbana, so I wore it such.

What I wore:

– River Island dress

– Vintage purse

– Forever 21 necklace

How do you like this outfit?

Can’t wait to read all your comments, guys !

Now I must pack my bags and see some friends from high school. 🙂



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