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Bitch better have my money

Hi guys,

Oh what a lovely day outside! The sun is shining, the birds are singing and I couldn’t be more happy. For me spring is always the symbol of rebirth, new beginnings, hope. I wanted to do a very special outfit for you today, featuring this amazing dress from Hego with metallic and brown pattern, bandage made!

I went a bit punk with my hairdo, as all that girly girly stuff was so old-school today. To maintain my “punk” vibe, I chose a envelope bag with spikes. 🙂

Accompanied by the new Rihanna song, I leave you with today’s outfit:

What I wore:

– Hego bandage dress ( find it here)

– Zara sandals

– Bershka envelope bag and earrings

I know my heels are a bit big, but Zara has started to do some really weird shoes…like 37 is too small and 38 is too big ! What has happened?

Luckily no one was looking at my shoes with such an amazing dress! 😉



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