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Birthday wishlist

Hello everyone !

And how did you spend this lovely weekend ?

I mainly stayed in bed because I have an extremely busy week ahead. Granted, on my birthday I'll be working, but since I love my job, I will be happy to do it ! :)

Speaking of my birthday, I wanted to put together a little birthday wishlist. My friends and family always have a hard time picking out presents for me as I receive so many each week !

Still, I wanted to do a little list of my top 3 fave products that I would absolutely love to try right now. I always find all my dearest brands and wishlist products at Notino, it's so cool that this site has such a wide range of beauty brands.



I am not very difficult or pretentious, so my 'humble' wishlist contains all new products from my favorite brands that I would LOVE to try out ! The new Limited Edition L'Oréal Paris Color Riche Rue Royale lipstick range is one of my obsessions right now.

I already know all the former Color Riche lipsticks that I simply adore and love how well they hydrate the lips, not leaving them dry and chapped. So the Rue Royale range is for sure with the same formula, but with new shades that are very much on my liking. :)


I have so many perfumes, indeed, but I think that I got to a point where I started collecting them. I wear a different perfume each time I go out, a perfume that matches my outfit and my mood.

Since I already have the original Alien perfume from Mugler ( that I adore), I'm more than curious to try out the new Goddess version. In its composition you will find: Madagascan vanilla, Indian jasmine, bergamot and cashmere wood.

An interesting mix might I add !


If you've been to my house, you'll find quite the collection of Woodwick candles.

Other than their cracking sound that they make when you light them, you will be surprised by the wide range of scents. It's like doing a journey through time and space... Thus, I chose the new Melon & Pink Quartz scent to be on my wishlist!

Thank you all for passing by the blog !

I wish you a great day ahead and happy shopping ;)


Disclaimer: article sponsored by Notino


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