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Be Irresistible

Hello sweeties,

As you all have seen, awhile ago I’ve received this amazing 8 in 1 curler set from Irresistible Me. I’m not the professional type of beauty guru on youtube or whatever, but I must say I totally love this set because it’s super simple to use. You don’t need to be a pro hair stylist to use it. I wanted to do a video, a basic one to see how easy and nice it is to make beautiful curls. I had one from Baby Bliss, but I wasn’t very happy with it, my curls being gone before I went out. With the Saphire 8 in 1 curler set please believe me that I have super cool curls even the next day! 

In this tutorial, you’ll se how I do them. Again, I’m not the pro type and not that fabulous girl with long thick hair that you see in your average tutorials, but that is what I want to point out – that this set is for everyone and no matter your hair type, everyone can use it. You have these two buttons to fix the temperature you need and also, you can have it in F or C degrees 🙂 ( nice idea).

The only thing I needed to buy is an extension plug because the set is previewed for England or America ( I think) use. Here in Europe we have different snuffs. 🙂

I really wanted loose curls. And I like brushing the once they’re finished so you really can have that natural look you know…

Some helpful tips: 

– If you have an error on the curler screen, try to push better the curler head into the curler body.

– Always wear your thermic hand glove that you’ll find in the set ( it’s terrific btw)

– To keep the hot curler safe from burning your furniture, make sure to use the little holder you have in your set. Another awesome thing that I love

– When curling, I left aprox 10 sec the hair on the curler to have a perfect curl. It depends on the hair type actually. I have really thin hair. 

– Although many gurus curl their hair immediately after washing it (the same day), I prefer to wait for the next day. As I said, I have really thin hair and I don’t like to damage it more. =)


– Wide range of possibilities with the 8 heads

– Option for changing F to C

– Option for choosing your preferred temperature 

– The set itself – design and everything

– The handy thermic hand glove

– The little curler holder to use when the curler is heated up

– The quality of the product


– I really don’t have anything to say bad about it.

It’s an excellent product.


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