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Baby, it’s cold outside

Hello, my loved ones!

You know, it is actually very cold outside and I just found out that it’s going to get even colder, which for me is a serious problem as I planned the next days to be in the company of my two best friends. Naturally, we plan to visit and party a lot, but I will promise that I’ll try to keep up with my blog as well.

Being the last days of Sales, I wanted to check out great deals and you know of course that my favorite closet item, shoes, are definitely my first choice when it comes to “hunting” down great bargains. I did find two pair of absolute stunning “pieces of art”, as I like to call them. A pair of over the knee boots and a pair of ankle boots. Absolutely stunning…it’s all that I can say! I suggest you follow me on Instagram and check out my new “babies” ^^

And now, for the simple casual outfit I wore today…nothing to spectacular, but a cozy and comfy look ^^

What I wore:

– Mango jacket

– Mango jeans

– Bershka booties

So this is what I wore today, a simple cool outfit that is perfect to hit the shops with. ^^


Some news from Romwe

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