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Antwerp Fashion Festival

Hi, guys!

As you all know I have attended the Antwerp Fashion Festival on Friday evening. As the weekend was so loaded, I didn’t find the time to post anything about the event. But now here I am !

It was so refreshing to see so many lovely people gathered to celebrate fashion. For me it was really impressing the fact that I saw so many original and outstanding outfits in one day. Now I’m talking not just about the models on the catwalk, but the people who attended. Fashionably beautiful people.

In Brussels, frankly, I don’t see that much. It seems that the capital doesn’t have a high sense of fashion. Sure, you have personal styles, but not that it would make fashion seekers turn heads. I always found Antwerp as being the little “Mecca” of fashion in Belgium, so I thought this festival would be great to attend.

We started off with some drinks at around 19h30, where people socialized over a glass. I’m not the type of person who just barges into conversations, so I stood in my spot and just admired their outfits and listened to some live music.

Next stop, the show! 

It was a big amount of people standing outside the building where the show was about to start, so I guess that they become impatient, like me, when they saw that the festivities were running a bit late.

Finally in, I took a spot in the audience that was not to far, but not to close to the stage. I don’t really like standing out from the crowd, but not missing the show as well 🙂

It was no fashion week show, but I guess that it’s sufficient for Belgium. The models were pretty and the clothes presented were ok. Some better than others naturally…for for my taste to be exact :).

I admit that I didn’t stand through out the whole thing, but I did see some interesting outfits of the new season from the present brands, like Clouds of Fashion or Peuterey.

A personal favorite, Daria Gora, a brand which whom I collaborated in the past, was also present. 

She presented (well, the models did, I know, but nevertheless) some very beautiful dresses for the new season and I was really amazed to see the way she went from printed funky dresses to more classic ones, with elegant lines and interesting fabrics.

The styles that I saw were perfect for all ages, following a clean yet chic line.

It was a great experience and I was happy to attend. 

Hope next year I’ll be there once more and I’ll be able to bring you more exciting news 🙂

Oh, and before I go, I must share with you the outfit I wore at Fashion Festival Antwerp, with the “proper” face after a day of work lol.

What I wore:

– New Look skirt and backpack 

– Zara cardigan, blouse and heels

Syntagm of the look:

“I am here to learn”

Stay tuned for my usual outfit of the day, loves!




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