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Am Weinberg Boutique Hotel

Hello everyone,

Welcome back to the blog ! I’m happy to share with you today all about my stay at Am Weinberg Boutique Hotel in Windhoek, Namibia.

Starting my African experience right on Christmas day, I have arrived at Windhoek airport quite early in the morning and after a 30 minute taxi ride, I have reached around 9am Am Weinberg estate… yes, the hotel is located on an estate that holds the same name. They both have a story dating back to 1901, alongside the birth of Klein Windhoek, the region where the hotel is found, but back in the day, mostly vineyards were covering the place.

As usual, I have also a little video to present the hotel:


The freshly restored house was firstly opened as a restaurant in 2004. Now, the boutique hotel holds several double rooms as well as family lofts. I had the pleasure of trying both types of accommodation and I think each has its own charm and its own utility.

The thing I like the most about Am Weinberg is the fact that it’s so calm and during the night you sleep like a baby…. the bed is extremely soft and it’s like your own mother holding you into her arms.

The rooms are spacious ( especially the lofts, of course), very clean and the design is modern, Western for that matter.

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The double rooms have a shower, where the lofts have both a shower and a bathtub. At the lofts, you have also an expandable couch which is pretty awesome if you are traveling with kids.


As far as food goes, the hotel has its own restaurant, as well as another one in the courtyard ( Cape Town Fish Market Windhoek ) and I would also like to recommend Olivia’s Garden for healthy food/veggie/gluten free lovers, as well as Butcher Block Namibia for meat lovers ( both located at the estate, but independent from the hotel). Also independent is the Soulstice Day Spa, where you can enjoy some treatments or just the pool. The pool use is free if you are a hotel guest.


If you want some drinks, the Sky Longue is also at your disposal with a lovely view of the town.


As far as relaxation goes, the hotel has a beautiful literary with some pretty awesome books, classics, of course so if you’re a fan of classic literature, you can have a lovely afternoon reading on the terrace or in the library itself.


The modern/classic of the estate is kept throughout the hotel and the interior decoration is perfectly combined in a vintage-modern vibe that alternates.


I really hope you like my article on the hotel and if there is anything in specific that you’d like to know, don’t hesitate to email me ! =)

Thank you for checking the blog and I wish you all a beautiful weekend !




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