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All I want for Christmas is….

A dress! 🙂

Hello, sweeties!

With just 2 and a half weeks to go until Christmas, I’m browsing the Internet to find some wonderful dresses suggestions to celebrate this merry holiday. A particular site has come to my attention, namely ! Now, it’s not just your ordinary prom dress boutique, but the dresses here can be also worn at many more other occasions.

Take the evening dresses section, where you can find so many beautiful options of what to wear at a Christmas company dinner ( or even New Year’s Eve for that matter)

Of this section, here’s a little selection I personally prefer for such an event

I really love a dress that has more utilities, for instance, at, you can find a dress that works not just for prom, but for a cocktail as well. Hence, the prom/cocktail section of the boutique. Prom is a very important event for every girl, but choosing a dress that you can wore at other events is like a smart investment for the future, from what I can tell. And of you’re looking for a great deal, know that the online boutique has up to 75% off down at 2015 prom dresses.

Of the dresses that work both for prom and cocktails as well, or the type of dress that I could see a young girl attending a wedding in, here’s my personal top 3:

As you can see, the designs are just stunning and I’m sure each one of you will find something wonderful at If you’re a bridesmaid on a budget, I suggest you check out the bridesmaid dresses under 100£, where  you can choose from a large variety of dresses, the one perfect for you!

I hope you like my article on dresses, and give a chance. 🙂 Kisses, R.

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