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Algo me gusta de ti

Hi, guys!

Uf, I just can’t stand people going on strike. The thing that they don’t realize is that they don’t bother politicians, they bother other normal people like me and you; politicians don’t give a damn, they are all comfy in their big mansions, safe from hell traffic in the city or canceled planes. I agree with manifestations, but not just cancel everything. They don’t realize that strike costs money, money coming from the budget which is also paid by normal working people, so they are doing harm to themselves and not to the people in charge! So, there goes Belgium down the drain…It’s a pity really that people just don’t think it through…

Anyway, going on a more fashionable aspect of the day, here you have an outfit I wore today. It’s something different, I know…it must be the whole commotion that makes me so emotional and stressed out! I managed to keep a ludic influence to the outfit with the help of this cute net with bow on top beanie from Wholesale7. The two piece suit with skirt and top is also from Wholesale7 and can be styled in so many ways.

..oh, and yeah, this song ❤

What I wore:

– Wholesale7 skirt and top set ( find it here)

– W.E. jacket

– PersunMall handbag

– Armani Jeans sneakers

– Wholesale7 beanie ( find it here)

So, how do you find this cute outfit? Would you wear something similar…?




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