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About hair extensions

Hi guys,

I hope your week has started off in a good vibe. I actually woke up really tired, but I don’t know why…must have been this awful nightmare I had last night. 

Anyways, I’m very happy that you all enjoyed my Insta-stories the other day. I got a lot of messages asking me how did I grew my hair this quick. Well, I didn’t. I just had some clip in hair extensions on. My lovely ombre hair extensions come from Best Hair Store  and they are made from 100% human hair .  I think that until now, these are the best hair extensions I had. Not only they are smooth and easy to apply, they are also very close to hair colour. Last time I dyed my hair, I had the misfortunate to have an uneven result, so I’m sorry if it’s hurting the eye lol.

I’ll leave you to enjoy my quick vid on getting prepped the other day.

Also, I have below some before and after pics so you can see the difference.

I really think they blend in so good with my hair that you can’t see the difference. It will be even better when I dye the part of my hair that is uneven and let it grow a little.

At Best Hair Store, they have a wide variety of virgin hair, both in clip on hair extension, micro ring and tape in ones ! It quite amazing if you think about it. I myself, prefer the clip in ones because I had all the other hair extensions and they weren’t very good for my natural hair. Clip ones would be the type of hair extensions I would recommend cause you can easily remove them and apply them again when needed. Also, they have a longer lifespan. 

How about you? What do you prefer ?

Really hope you enjoyed my little article and “see” you guys later on my usual OOTD post ! 🙂 


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