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A tough love

Hi guys,

I’m a back a bit late today after a lovely lunch with Olivia, photographer and blogger ( her website here) that has invited me to dine at the Atomium restaurant. It was quite nice and everything, but I think they should add a bit more dishes from which to chose.

Now I’m encouraging myself to go and clean my room because it’s like a super big mess; feels like a hurricane passed by over there and when arranging everything, it takes so many time and I feel drained of energy in the end… Plus I have tons of emails to answer; so yeah, thug life lol.

So instead of doing that, I’m hiding behind my pc, brining you the new outfit post 🙂

Hope you’ll love this combo :

What I wore:

– Mango shoes

So, what do you think ? A quite affordable outfit, styled in a fun way, with just a little pitch of pop.




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