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Bonjour, mes chéries !  I hope you had a great week! But to make your week even better, I want to share with you some great news! MsDressy is giving away gift vouchers of $20, $30 and $50! (the $50 voucher comes with min purchase of $300).

  1. If you want the $20 voucher, all you have to do is like my Facebook fan page and message me there so I can give you the code. The $20 voucher comes with no minimum purchase, so go ahead and follow me on Facebook and het your own code :). ( for those of you who are already following, you can already message me on Facebook. 

  2. If you want the $30 voucher, all you have to do is like my Facebook page and follow me on GFC. (if you are already following please message me on Facebook with your GFC name and Facebook name, so I can give you your code!). And again, no minimum purchase needed !

  3. Knowing that the $50 voucher comes with a minimum purchase of $300, I’m going to give you the code right now to show my appreciation for visiting my blog. The code is: 849193c2a6 

P.S. The vouchers are valid until 20 February 2013 ! So hurry up and enter ^^. And don’t forget – it’s not a contest, everyone “wins” and will have its voucher’s code, all you have to do is follow the rules.

So, that being said, I’m going to move along with today’s outfit post :).

What I wore:

– Zara jacket

– Morgan de Toi pants

– Steve Madden heels

– Zara clutch (old collection)

Thank you so much for visiting my blog!

Don’t forget to check out great deals on my page as well ^^.




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