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Hello everyone,

How are you ? I do hope everyone is safe and respecting the confinement ..

I am back with a new outfit post ( the pictures were shot before the lockdown). You probably saw it a couple of days before on Instagram, on the occasion of Global Recycling Day ! Why share this look? Well, almost all the pieces are from C&A! And I wanted to focus more on the jeans. Did you know that they're made from recycled cotton denim? That is so amazing !

Their path to a sustainable fashion future is so inspiring and I do hope more and more brands will acknowledge this and take action in that direction.

Except the shoes ( that yes, I know, look a lot like Valentino rockstuds ), the rest of the outfit ( bag, blazer, t-shirt and jeans of course), comes from C&A !

It's a casual-chic look for Spring... one that I hope will soon inspire you to recreate as soon as things get back to normal.

Sending you lots of strength and love from this side of the Earth !




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