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9 Fashion Tips From Italian It-Girls

Hi guys, I have a super interesting article for you today! 

Now street style is becoming an increasingly popular subdivision of the fashion industry. Thanks to the ease and diversity of this style, many people are eager to recreate it. Fashion enthusiasts will already know that style, while still maintaining an overall cohesion, will vary in different parts of the world. Right now, the street style fashion is being pulled off the best in Italy by three very chic It-girls by the names Giorgia Tordini, Patricia Manfield and Gilda Ambrosio. Here are a few tips that can be used to help recreate this street style.

1. Clean-Up Your Workout Attire

Italian women understand that style never sleeps. This means that even their workout attire is stylish and chic. It can be tempting to throw on an outfit without any forethought when going to the gym. This usually means that we reserve low-quality fabrics such as cotton to the gym. Keeping your workout wardrobe in higher quality fabrics such as silk can be a great way to raise the overall quality.

2. Don’t Forget Leopard Print

People are often too put-off by leopard print. When this design is worn correctly, it can be a great addition to the street style. It is recommended to keep clothes with this design loose fitting. Also, make sure to pair it with other   clothes that are solid and sophisticated.

3. Mix With Colors

Colors within the fashion world can often be muted and dull do to our corporate culture. A great way to stick out in a crowd is to choose unique colors that may not go together in a traditional sense. This requires a step out of the box of conformity but will certainly be rewarded with intrigued glances.

4. Bring Back The Baggy Pants

Tight jeans may be the norm right now, but some Italian women have caught onto the new trend of wearing looser-fitting jeans. This is another unexpected twist to a street style that will add to an overall relaxed, yet stylish appearance. Just make sure not to go too overboard with the bagginess.

5. Just The Right Amount

Italian fashion is never afraid of something new or unpredictable. However, it is important to know how to incorporate the unique into something that works. Don’t forget that a little can go a long way in fashion.

6. Wear Your Clothes (Don’t Let Them Wear You)

Be confident in what you wear. Own your style. Experiment with new colors, textures and prints. Make sure that you aren’t allowing your natural street style to be controlled by anything other than your own sense of fashion.

7. Be Unpredictable

Most people seem to have a go-to outfit that they wear time and time again. This outfit may come in different colors, but doesn’t quite produce much flare. Make your style as unique and unpredictable as possible. Try to make every outfit different.

8. Experiment With Textures

Italian women love their classic textures but the aren’t afraid to try something new. Textures not only look different, they can also provide a whole outfit with a different feel.

9. Enjoy Yourself

Fashion should be about fun above all else. Try not to be bogged down too much by expectations or traditions. Express yourself and have fun with your style. Don’t forget to also keep your skin care routine in check. EugeniaShea points out on their website  that shea butter is a great way to ensure your face remains moisturized and smooth. A small application of raw shea butter will provide a rich source of Vitamin A and E and is a great addition to any skin care routine. Keeping your skin healthy is an important part of fashion as your face will always be on display. 


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