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Good morning everyone,

I cannot believe that the week has gone by so quick! And I know I was supposed to do this article yesterday, but I got so caught up with other stuff that I didn’t actually have time to make it.

But I am here today to do a little review of the hotel that I stood in, Holiday Inn Resort Vanuatu, while I had my little trip in Oceania ( for the first time I might add).


A quick video to get started?

First off I must mention that the resort is mainly a family one, so kids are very welcome here and it’s quite popular amongst the Australians to come here and enjoy time with their family.

The place is quite big, as you can imagine and they have 2 pools ( one for adults and one kid-friendly ofc), one restaurant, one poolside bar ( where you can also order food) and the restaurant-longue next to the reception where you can enjoy also some yummy coconut prawns! Those were my personal favourites 🙂.


Plus, you also have a lovely beach where I must advise you to get up early and watch the sunrise – it’s exquisite.


If you are curious about the rooms, well, I stood in one of the double rooms with a view to the pool and the beautiful nature that surrounds the resort. The rooms are simple, with island design, clean and comfy!


Of course, you also have the Vila area, where you can rent out a beautiful Vila to better enjoy your holidays. A shuttle is available to take you to this part of the resort. Regarding the design/architecture, I absolutely LOVED the reception area! I felt that the design was very well thought and you really had that island vibe when chilling there.

Food-wise, I really enjoyed a great breakfast every morning ( yes, they also have hot chocolate, you know I always add a little plus when they have that), and the ingredients are from local markets so you will be sure to have some healthy food on the table. Plus, you have a beautiful view of the resort while enjoying your meal at the restaurant.

The staff is also so nice, very polite, attentive and helpful! It’s always so cool when you are surrounded by lovely people during the trip.


The hotel also has a small parking space, free of charge, where we left our Mini Mokes and Jimnys from World Car Rentals Vanuatu. If you are not planning to leave the hotel and thus, you don’t have a car, know that a shuttle bus is available to take you from/at the hotel from/at the airport 🙂 . Btw, the resort is equipped with a golf course for you golf players 😉 !


Well, seems that we’ve reached the end of my article on this amazing resort and I hope you enjoyed it! For any questions or thoughts, you can always leave a comment or of course, email me 😉 !

Thank you for your attention.

Please also find a full article about my Vanuatu-trip here!

Enjoy your Sunday! xo


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